Unraveling Dementia Risk: The Neighborhood Memory Connection

In this episode of ISTAART Voices, Dr. Rachel Peterson shares insights into the connection between childhood living environments and late-life cognition, shedding light on how social and environmental factors influence healthy brain aging and the risk of dementia.

Featured Paper from Alzheimer's & Dementia®: The Journal Of the Alzheimer's Association

Molecular Mysteries of Alzheimer's: Exploring New Avenues

In this episode of ISTAART Voices, we delve into a new study on tau pathology with Dr. Amy Arnsten and Dr. Shveta Bathla, who discuss their research findings and the potential implications for Alzheimer's treatments. Their research sheds light on new treatment approaches for Alzheimer's disease.

Featured Paper from Alzheimer's & Dementia®: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions


The Hidden Realities of Dementia in Underrepresented Communities

Welcome to the inaugural episode of ISTAART Voices, a podcast of the Alzheimer’s Association. Host Oz Ismail explores the latest in Alzheimer's and dementia research, treatment, and practice in conversation with researchers shaping the field. In this episode, we dive into the challenges faced by underrepresented communities in Alzheimer's research, featuring an interview with Dr. Sharon Sanz Simon on her work with Brazilian immigrants in the US.

Featured Paper from Alzheimer's & Dementia®: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions

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